she woke up one day and threw away all her excuses.

Todd, a Canadian who arrived years ago to write a novel, now rents a wooden apartment on stilts on the Sidewalk. Her address is “The House on the Sidewalk beside the white arch with the pink flowers.” She reccommends eating at Omar’s, a gently dilapidated hangout painted in pink-and-green candy stripes on the right at the top of the main street as you come into town.

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“It’s almost like Oil Nut Bay was built for this,” says Shaylene Todd, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We’re a low-density development. People can fly here on their jets, they can arrive privately and they can go right to a villa, or still have a lot of property and get out in nature. We have very high-end infrastructure — you can Netflix or Zoom with your family. We’re built for it.”

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